Experiences and camaraderie allow us to grow as individuals. This is exactly why we need More Kids On Sailboats.
Learning new skills, gaining confidence, harding work and being part of team – All important life skills.

Each summer we utilize a series boats to get More Kids On Sailboats. They don’t have the opportunities they once
had and we are looking to change that. From Opti’s to Offshore Racing boats we get kids on the water having
fun, learning strategy and getting wet. Maybe even share a story or two.

We have 2 goals each time we leave the dock – Gain Confidence and Have Fun.

If interested in joining us on our next day (or night) on the water email brettlangolf@gmail.com


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We Are Knee Deep

Interested in a new youth hat #MoreKidsOnSailboats email brettlangolf@gmail.com for cost and details